Everlube Coated Magnets

As one of the leading branches of Curtiss Wright, Everlube series products are regarded the leader of functional coatings which widely served to the products of Boeing, Airbus and NASA over the past several decades. Everlube coating is a thermosetting coating which mainly composed by PTFE, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and phenolic resin adhesive. In fact, Everlube coated magnets are also an important solution to some high-end applications.

Advantages of Everlube Coated Magnets

  • High load and low friction coefficient.
  • Superior high-temperature resistance.
  • Excellent chemical corrosion and rust resistance, thus magnets with Everlube coating exhibit admirable stability in PCT/HAST, salt spray and climate tests. It even able to work steadily under some solvents.

Performance of Everlube Coated Magnets

  • Appearance: Golden yellow.
  • Coating thickness: 10-25 μm.
  • Hardness: 4H.
  • Working temperature range: -70 and 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Salt spray test: 120 hrs.
  • PCT/HAST test: 72 hrs.
  • Climate test: 500 hrs.
Everlube Coated Magnets