Maglev Train Magnets

Maglev train is a modern high-tech rail transportation which utilized electromagnetic force to achieve non-contact levitation and guidance between train body and guide rail, then drive the train through electromagnetic force generated by the linear motor. Maglev train magnets are an integral part of the hybrid suspension system in Chinese currency medium and low speed maglev train.

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Classification of Maglev Train

  • Can be classified to normal conductor-type and superconductor-type according to the material of suspension electromagnet.
  • Can be divided to long stator synchronous driving type and short stator asynchronous driving type according to the linear motor.
  • Can be easily separated to high speed or low speed.
  • Can be classified to electromagnetic suspension (EMS) and electrodynamics suspension (EDS) base on levitation force. The EDS maglev train uses the repulsive force between two same poles to suspend the train, but its electromagnetic pollution much larger that EMS maglev train. The EMS maglev train utilizes the attractive force between magnets and magnetic conductive guide rail to suspend the train. The field current of the electromagnet must be capable of realize real-time adjustment via feedback control. Then change the suspension force and keep the dynamic balance between suspension forces and train body, thus ensure train body steadily suspended in the specified air gap. EMS maglev train has the relatively simple structure and low electromagnetic pollution, therefore, medium and low speed maglev train projects in China have adopted this technology.

About Maglev Train Magnets

The suspension system of EMS maglev train is known for huge suspension energy consumption. The reliability and suspension performance of the system will be influenced due to temperature rise of the electromagnet. Apply permanent magnet into the suspension system to form hybrid suspension is an excellent option. Maglev train magnets will provide main suspension force, and also can be easily integrated with other systems, then electromagnet only need a very small current to guarantee stable suspension. Maglev train magnets Chinese medium and low speed maglev train use sintered Samarium Cobalt magnet based on consideration of thermal stability.

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