Magnetic Assemblies

Permanent magnets can be combined together with different kind of materials to form magnetic system, then meet the purpose of getting much stronger holding to the ferromagnetic load or obtaining an ideal magnetic field in specific space, and why magnetic assemblies are often treated as a regular solutions in many magnet applications?

Advantages of Magnetic Assemblies

  • Enhanced mechanical strength. Inherently brittle is a major problem during the application of sintered Neodymium magnets, sintered Samarium Cobalt magnets and Ferrite magnets. Repetitive mechanical shock between the working surface and attracted matters very likely to cause volume loss on magnets which will directly lead to the certain degree of deterioration of magnetic field or attractive force. Permanent magnets and other non-magnetic parts such as ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal or plastic can be combined to form a barrier and avoids damage during use.
Magnetic assemblies-1
  • Enhanced magnetic strength. Besides mechanical strength, another biggest purpose of magnetic assemblies is certainly increasing magnetic characteristics. That is, assemblies have more obvious cost advantages in comparison with pure magnets under the same requirement of magnetic strength. Assemblies typically exhibit much higher attractive force compared with pure magnets due to flux conducting parts served in system which as an integral part of the whole magnetic circuit. Magnetic field in a specific region also can be improved and focused by utilizing magnetic induction of flux conducting parts. It also should be pointed out that even extremely small air gap between assemblies and attracted matters can dramatically influence the magnetic strength.
Magnetic assemblies-2
  • Non-magnetic parts typically have the incorporate mechanisms for different holding applications.