Magnetic Boiler Filters

Central heating system is a relatively energy-efficient way to heat all of room in the heating season. Central heating system of China quite different from other Western countries, and only the people north of the Qinling Mountain-Huaihe River line can enjoy it. Thus this line is also called heating line by public. The heat source of traditional central heating system in Northern China is produced by the coal, followed by the hazy weather during the heating season. People in central China would choose to use air-conditioners or burn coal by themselves during the winter months, and these provinces have also seen formal suggestions about central heating system submitted on the issue in recent years. Actually, the most realistic option is installing their own household central heating system under the current circumstances. For household central heating system, the warmth can be provided to the interior of the building from one point to multiple room.

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Structure and Working Principle of Central Heating System

Main component of central heating system includes:

  1. Boiler and boiler thermostat.
  2. Heating emitters, such as radiators, underfloor heating, and fan heaters.
  3. Pipework
  4. Expansion vessel
  5. Expansion relief valve, moisture valve, and thermostatic radiator valve.
  6. Header tank.
  7. Pump
  8. Central heating system controls.

The water is easy to store and suitable for conducting heat. Therefore, it is usually served as cycling medium in most of the central heating system. Boiler-heated water will circulate around the heating emitters driven by the pump. Water in the tank can be heated after the boiler-heated water entered the spiral pipe of the tank, then the water in the tank also can be used to wash and bath.

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How Does Magnetic Boiler Filters Work?

Component in the central heating system is made up of different metal material. The ferrous components in the central heating system are vulnerable to corrosion, then sludge and debris will be further formed after ferrous components break down and little particles break away, thus block the boiler heat exchanger, pump, pipeline, valves and, radiators. Central heating system will be turned off once the blocked boiler overheated, and boiler will also get less efficient. Blockages in the central heating system need to be removed by power flushed or replace the relevant components. Magnetic boiler filters are primarily designed to collect the sludge before it reaches the boiler. Magnetic boiler filters are made up of sintered Neodymium magnets, and its strong magnetic field will attract sludge, and then filter these sludge out of the system and keep the water flowing through the whole system.

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