Magnetic Chamfer

As one of the three precast concrete magnets, magnetic chamfers can be classified into rubber type and steel type according to the material base. Steel type is much more common in the precast concrete industry due to long service time, and it can be further divided into the triangle and trapezoid shape. Magnetic chamfer can be served with one-sided or two-sided integrated magnet in several different specifications. Magnetic chamfer is fabricated from steel chamfer and sintered Neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are embedded and sealed in the grove of steel, thus customers do not have to worry about damage and drop from concrete.

Magnetic Chamfers
Model L (mm) M (mm) Magnetized length Surface
MC-10A 10 14 50%/100% Single side
MC-10B 10 14 50%/100% Double side
MC-10C 10 14 50%/100% Single side
MC-15A 15 21 50%/100% Single side
MC-15B 15 21 50%/100% Double side
MC-15C 15 21 50%/100% Single side
MC-20A 20 28 50%/100% Single side
MC-20B 20 28 50%/100% Double side
MC-25A 25 35 50%/100% Single side
MC-25B 25 35 50%/100% Double side