Magnetic Smoke Detector Mount

Smoke detector is a common fire protection device which can sense the smoke in the early stage of fire and thus provide early warnings to people promptly. Generally, fire development process can be divided to the initial stage, development stage, and attenuation stage. The common principle of the smoke detector is to avoid the fire through the smoke concentration detection. The production of smoke is earlier than visible and invisible light when substance burns, and smoke detector can capture the early signals of fire, then signals will be transmitted to the controller of automatic fire alarm system after converted into electrical signals. Smoke detector also hastens a lot of demand for the magnetic smoke detector mount.

Magnetic Smoke Detector Mount-1

Smoke detector can be classified into ionization type and photoelectric type. For ionization smoke detector, positive and negative ions producing by ionization of Am-241 source will move towards the positive and negative electrode under the action of the electronic field, respectively. Current and voltage of both internal and external ionization chamber are stable under normal conditions, but these two electrical parameters would be changed when smoke enter into the external ionization chamber, then undermine the balance between internal and external ionization chamfer, thus detector will transmit the alarm messages. Photoelectric smoke detector is composed of light source, photoelectric element, and electronic switch. The light emitted by the luminous element will pass to photosensitive element and circuit maintains normal work. The smoke will remarkably weaken the received light on photosensitive element and then the detector will send out alarm due to the current variation.

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Magnetic smoke detector mount with different size and attractive force which suits all standard sized smoke detector and offers a relatively quick and easy alternative to traditional screws and plugs.

Model D (mm) H (mm) Attractive force (kg)
Series A 40 7 0.8
Series B 40 7 0.8
Series C 70 7 1.3
Series D 70 7 1.3
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