Magnetic Webcam Covers

Webcam which is connected to the Internet is a great tool for improving productivity and making it easier to contact with family, catch up with friends, and even taking video meeting for work. However, webcam is something standard in all devices currently and thus hard to avoid. In reality, malicious hackers can break into your computers and spy on your activities by webcam, then snap pictures or record video at any given moment. The worst circumstance is you may never even detect they are doing it. Therefore, webcam has become one of the battlegrounds for people seeking to protect their personal privacy, and clicking on a spam email or visiting malware carried website is possible to hack your devices. It should be noted that the webcam hacking is not just for PC. As more and more mobile devices are released year on year, the risk of these cameras hacked into is also profoundly high. Webcam hacking can be protected through using a webcam cover.

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About Magnetic Webcam Covers

Webcam cover can be divided to the plastic type and magnetic type according to the material, and magnetic webcam cover is more popular because of its more attractive texture. Magnetic webcam covers are a piece of metal which can be attached and covered the camera of mobile phone, tablet and PC. Generally, it is possible to slide the disc Neodymium magnet on the magnetic webcam covers open or close relies on whether or not you are using the camera.

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