Plastic Cow Stomach Magnets

Part Name: Plastic Cow Stomach Magnets

Magnet Material: Ferrite

Diameter: 35mm/1.37inch

Length: 100mm/4.00inch

Color: Green + Black

Unit Weight: 117g

Hardware disease is caused when cows swallow metallic objects like nails, staples, and bailing wire while grazing. These metallic objects will threaten the reticulum and surrounding vital organs of the cow. Conventional cow magnets were AlNiCo magnets in the shape of a smoothed rod and today cow magnets are more commonly several ring-shaped ferrite magnets attached to a stainless steel ring, in the same shape as the single piece original. The latest plastic cow stomach magnets can increase effectiveness by a cage design, in which the ferrite magnets hold metallic objects inside a protective plastic framework.