Radially Oriented Ring Magnets

Like its name “Radial”, the alignment of radially oriented ring magnet is along the radial vector of the ring and it can be magnetized uni-pole, multi-pole and even skewed pattern. Even isotropic magnet with suitable dimension can be magnetized to uni-pole, radially oriented ring magnets are generally referring to anisotropic sintered magnet, including sintered ferrite magnets and sintered Neodymium magnets. For anisotropic sintered ring magnets, radially orientation is the basis of the realization of multi-pole magnetization. In reality, hot-pressed magnets are another options to obtain similar magnets.

Advantages of Radially Oriented Ring Magnets

  • Easier for assembly process compared with gluing several segments magnets and thus reduce assembly cost.
  • Improve utilization rate of raw material.
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy which will substantially enhance dynamic balance of the motor.
  • Highly flexible magnetization patterns, controllable waveform and magnetic field strength which will reduce cogging torque and motor noise.
  • Available for N35-N50, N35M-N50M, N35H-N48H, N35SH-N45SH, N35UH-N40UH, N28EH-N33EH.

radially oriented ring magnets-1

Waveform of Uni-pole and Multi-pole Magnetization

Radially Oriented Ring Magnets-2