Safety Tips

  • These operation instructions are for all personnel who may use magnetized permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies.
  • People with pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators or other medical devices should avoid being near the magnets.
  • People with steel implants, such as joint replacement implants, should avoid being near the magnets.
  • Pick off watch or jewelry containing iron and steel when close to magnets.
  • The magnetic media, such as credit card, floppy discs and computer hard desk drive should be at least 50mm away from magnets.
  • The sensitive electronic instruments should be at least 100mm away from magnets.
  • Avoid having a hand or fingers between the magnet and any material containing iron and steel.
  • We strongly advise that all magnets are kept out of the reach or young children.

The related personnel should take all steps necessary to ensure that these precautions are followed to avoid personal injury and property damage.

Safety Tips-1

Special instructions

  1. Magnets are fragile and should be handled carefully to avoid chips and breaks.
  2. Improper use of magnet will cause bodily harm, such as hands and skin.
  3. Do not attempt to disassemble any magnetized magnetic assemblies.
  4. The magnetic part should avoid being near the ferrous materials.
  5. Always wear protective glasses and gloves when handling magnets.
  6. Magnets and magnetic assemblies must only be installed or removed by professional personnel.


  1. High Temperature, mechanical stress and magnetic field can cause the demagnetization.
  2. The magnets should to store in their original packaging with a cool and dry environment.
  3. Alnico magnet is easy to demagnetization, and need to avoid contacting with opposing magnetic fields.

Shipment items

  1. Magnetized material can be shipped by land, water and air.
  2. Air shipment need to be in accordance with regulations.

Special concerns

  1. Magnets need to be kept away from sensitive electronic devices.
  2. Persons with pacemakers or implants should stay clear.
  3. Disks, credit card, tapes can be erased from contact with magnetic field.
  4. If you have specific packaging needs, please contact with SDM Magnetics.
Safety Tips-2