Submersible Pump Magnets

Submersible pump is a versatile water treatment device which commonly used in agricultural production and industrial processing. The entire unit of submersible pump should submerge into water, then can be divided into sewage pump, impurity pump and clean water pump according to their specific application. For improving people’s living environment, demand for submersible pump magnets from Indian market is quite violent these years.

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Basic Structure and Principle of Submersible Pump

The basic structure of the submersible pump is generally consisting of five parts: water pump, pump frame, motor, control switch and pipes. The weight and volume of submersible pump are relatively small due to its compact structure. The suction pipe and pump must be filled with liquid medium before startup. The liquid rotates together with high-speed rotating impellers, thus liquid fly away under the action of centrifugal force. The speed of ejected liquid gradual slowdown in diffusion chamfer and eventually came out from discharge pipe due to increasing pressure. Therefore, a low pressure area which without liquid and air will be formed on the center of impellers, then liquid will enter the pump under the influence of atmospheric pressure. As an essential component in magnetic stator assemblies of submersible pump, the Max. Operating Temperature of regular arc-shape submersible pump magnets should fulfill 120 degrees Celsius.

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