Testing Equipment

The importance of manufacturing process’s quality management and final product’s quality inspection is self-evident. Quality management of manufacturing process can help manufacturer to reduce scrap rate, thus enhance qualified rate and efficiency. Quality inspection of final products will ensure customers have stable and reliable products. Quality inspection of final products is mainly including dimension, appearance, magnetic performance, and coating performance. Besides relevant professional testing equipment, automatic inspection has become a trend due to its high reliability and cost advantages.

Dimension and Appearance

Testing Equipment-Image Dimension Measurement System-1

Image dimension Measurement System

Testing Equipment-OMM-2


Testing Equipment-CCD-3.


Testing Equipment-CMM-4


Magnetic Performance

Testing Equipment-BH Curve Tester-4

B-H Curve Tester

Testing Equipment-3D Magnetic Mapping-5

3D Magnetic Mapping

Testing Equipment-Automatic Testing Line

Automatic Testing Line

Testing Equipment-100% Flux Sorting Equipment

100% Flux Sorting Equipment

Coating Performance

Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Testing

Climate Test Chamber

Climate Testing

Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber

Highly Accelerated Stress Testing