Titanium Nitride Coated Magnets

The FDA requires that permanent magnets for in-body use must have approved biocompatible coating, including parylene-coated magnets and Titanium Nitride coated magnets.

About Titanium Nitride Coating

Titanium Nitride is a fourth transition metal nitrides which combined the characteristic of metallic crystal and covalent crystal due to the hybrid structure constituted of metallic bond and the covalent bond. Titanium Nitride coating has several merits, such as superior thermal properties, chemical inertness, conductivity, metallic reflectivity, high melting point and hardness. Titanium Nitride coating is then widely applied to different kinds of cutting tools and mechanical parts as a hard wear-resistant film. It also served to decoration industry as decorative film in the meanwhile. Besides, Titanium Nitride thin film can serve as the conductive film and protective film of electrochromic device, or reflective film and antistatic film of display device. Titanium Nitride has very strange optical properties that has high reflectance in red waveband of the visible region, while exhibit low reflectance near ultraviolet region and thus obtained smoothly golden yellow appearance.

  • Thickness around 2 ~ 3μm and environmentally.
  • Strong adhesion between the magnet and coating.
  • Working temperature can reach 500 deg C.
  • Young’s modulus can achieve 350 ~ 600 GPa.
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About Titanium Nitride Coated Magnets

Actually, customers are sometimes difficult to distinguish Titanium Nitride coated magnets and Everlube-coated magnets only from their appearance. The extraordinary corrosion resistance and non-reactivity features will guarantee Titanium Nitride coated magnets slow down the release of the metal ion and reduce toxicity of metal material to the surrounding media.

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