Water Flow Sensor Magnets

Water flow sensor is a type of water flow induction instrument which output pulse, current or voltage signal through induction to the water flow. The output of the signal has a certain linearly proportional to the water flow. Thus can be served to the management of water control and flow calculation depend on the relevant conversation formula and comparison curve. Actually, as a core component of water flow sensor, water flow sensor magnets have long been a typical application of injection molded ferrite magnet.

Working Principle of Water Flow Sensor

Water flow sensor is mainly composed of copper valve body, water flow rotor assembly, steady flow system and hall component. Water flow sensor is usually installed on the inlet of the heater to measure influent flow, and magnetic rotor assembly rotates when water flow through it. Hall component output and feedback corresponding pulse signal to controller, then controller adjust current of proportional valve and hence gas usage according to the flow rate.

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About Water Flow Sensor Magnets

Water flow rotor assembly mainly consists of turbine switch housing, magnetic rotor, and brake ring. Water flow sensor magnets are essentially a hall effect sensor magnet. Hall component will conduct when different magnetic poles toward it, then cut off once away.

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