AlNiCo Magnets

As a member of non-rare earth metallic permanent magnetic material. AlNiCo magnets emerged in 1931 and once dominated the permanent magnet industry due to the strongest magnetic performance before the rare earth permanent magnet was born. The composition of alloy magnets is typically 8-13wt% Aluminum, 13-28wt% Nickel, 5-24wt% Cobalt, and the balance is Iron. Furthermore, alloying element like Copper, Titanium, and Niobium is added to matrix phase to promote the enhancement of needle phase, thus improve intrinsic coercivity. AlNiCo magnets can be classified to cast magnets and sintered magnets according to the manufacturing technology. Even to this day, AlNiCo is still serving for some specialty application due to its incomparable temperature characteristics.

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