Precast Concrete Magnets

Precast concrete is considered as the latest generation of commercial building material which gradually replacing traditional site-cast concrete in recent years. Precast concrete has been widely by the construction industry owing to its flexibility, durability, and economic efficiency. As an indispensable accessory of precast concrete system, precast concrete magnets are utilized to fix different embedded parts during pouring process of concrete. Precast concrete magnet can be further classified into shuttering magnet, insert magnet and magnetic chamfer according to their specific usage scenario.

Precast Concrete Magnets-1

Advantages of Precast Concrete Magnets

  • Labor and material cost will substantially reduce, and installation efficiency will be also enhanced in the meanwhile.
  • Very easy and precise positioning.
  • The positioning stage is free of screw, bolt, and welding, then stainless-steel plate can avoid damage.
  • Reuse can be achieved. Thus keep long service time and shorter payback.
  • Environment of the construction site will be strongly enhanced and simultaneously ensure safety of construction personnel.
Precast Concrete Magnets-2