Plastic Integrated Magnets

Magnets can be combined with different types of functional material to form specific magnetic system such as pot magnets or halbach arrays. For plastic integrated magnets, multiple components can be integrated with the injection molding parts even each component has its own property. Magnet embedded in the plastic could be undamaged under external impact, also be given complex structure, excellent dimensional accuracy, and superior cost advantage in the mass production, thus capture customers from civilian use to automotive applications.

Manufacturing Process of Plastic Integrated Magnets

Plastic integrated magnets can be implemented by several solution, include insert molding, over molding, ultrasonic welding, and some other fitting modes. The specific mode is determined by the structure of the product and relevant technical specifications.

Insert Molding:

Generally, unmagnetized magnets are inserted into the cavity of the mold which allows the molten plastic material to flow around it. Beside the high molding temperature, injection molding process also accompany high pressure, then require magnets must be held without movement during this process.

Over Molding:

Over molding is the most regular mode to make fully encapsulated magnets which can be exposed under the harsh working conditions.

Ultrasonic Welding:

Ultrasonic welding is another option to make fully encapsulated magnets.

Other Modes:

Include button screw, and melt rivet type.

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