AlNiCo Micro Magnets

As the oldest commercially available permanent magnets, AlNiCo alloys are mainly composed of Aluminum, Nickel, Cobalt and Iron. In addition, additive elements like Copper, Titanium, and Niobium can accelerate the growth of needle phase and hence enhance coercivity. Various grades of AlNiCo magnets are not only having different composition, but also have its own particular heat treatment process. AlNiCo magnets can be further classified to isotropic magnet and anisotropic magnet according to whether apply magnetic field or not. The Curie temperature of AlNiCo alloy is up to 890 degrees Celsius. AlNiCo magnets naturally possess a superior heat resistance, temperature stability, and anti-corrosion performance. AlNiCo magnets are still occupying a certain position in high temperature applications even SmCo and Neodymium magnets successively greatly compressed its market share. AlNiCo micro magnets are also called AlNiCo micro precision magnets, AlNiCo miniature magnets, AlNiCo mini-sized magnets, or AlNiCo tiny magnets. AlNiCo magnets can be manufactured by either sintering process or casting process, and material of AlNiCo mini magnets is generally select cast AlNiCo magnets. AlNiCo micro magnets are offered in AlNiCo miniature ring magnet, AlNiCo mini-sized disc magnets, and AlNiCo special shaped magnets. AlNiCo tiny magnets are popular and commonly used in sensors, consumer electronics, meters, and many other applications.