Dual Alloy Technology

Conventional sintered neodymium magnets are manufactured by the single alloy and that means manufacturers just need to melt one alloy from the beginning. Some beneficial elements will add to alloy composition to adjust the magnetic performance. Part of element enters main phase to regulate the intrinsic magnetic properties of the hard magnetic phase, and the other part will be served to the improvement of the grain boundary structure. For dual alloy technology, composition designers should prepare two alloys with different composition, thus mixes them together according to the specific proportion after powder making process.

Dual alloy technolgoy-1

Applications of Dual Alloy Technology

  • Grain boundary diffusion technology.
  • Single main phase and auxiliary phase alloy. The auxiliary phase alloy will serve as grain boundary phase to improve the comprehensive performance of the magnet.
  • Dual main phase alloy. The dual main phase sintered Neodymium magnet has two different kinds of main phase grain, include NdFeB + NdFyFeB and NdFeB + CeFeB combinations. NdDyFeB alloy in the former combination is primarily for enhancement of intrinsic coercivity, and CeFeB alloy in the latter combination can help Cerium and Lanthanum resource to achieve reasonable use. Various studies indicate that NdFeB + CeFeB combination can dramatically reduce material cost while still being favorable magnetic performance.