Heavy Duty Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnets

Part Name: Heavy Duty Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnets

Magnet Material: Ferrite

Diameter: 18.5mm/0.75inch

Length: 79.0mm/3.375inch

Color: Silver + Black

Unit Weight: 117g

Cow magnets are popular with veterinarians to prevent hardware disease in their cattle. Cows eat everything from grass to tramp iron, thus tramp iron has a tendency to lodge in the reticulum and threatening the surrounding vital organs and causing irritation and inflammation. Heavy duty ringed ferrite cow magnets are made with polished steel end caps, steel rings, and ferrite ring magnets. Ringed ferrite cow magnets were originally designed to substitute AlNiCo cow magnets which are more subject to demagnetization. Magnetic circuit of this kind of ferrite cow magnet is completely consistent with the magnetic filter bar, then exhibit much higher strength to collect harmful objects in cow’s stomach.