Laser Printer Magnetic Rollers

Printing is the precursor of the modern civilization which accelerated the spread and accumulation of knowledge. As an important output device of the computer, printer has long been came into our daily lives, then demand for laser printer magnetic rollers always large.

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Basic Principle of Laser Printer

Data will be firstly staged at the cache when computer transfer data to the printer, then processor of printer organize the block of data into the signal flow to stimulate the engine. For laser printer, signal flow is a set of pulse signals which power the laser head to work. The core technology of the laser printer is certainly electronic imaging technology. It combines imaging and electronics to generate image, and photoreceptor drum is regarded as the most critical component. The laser guided by data signals falls on a prismatic reflector and light scan successively from one end to the other end as the rotation of the reflector. Actually, drum is an organic material coated cylinder with electric charge. The electric resistance of the exposed region will decrease and charge disappear also, therefore, a latent image composed by electric charge formed on the surface of the drum. Toner is type of charged micro plastic particles and its polarity is opposite to the surface of drum. Charged region will absorb toner particles when drum surface pass develops roller or magnetic roller, and thus latent image became real image. In the meanwhile, another transmission system transport printing paper to a set of electrodes, and hence give much stronger electric charge to the paper. The toner on the surface of drum will be absorbed to the printer paper due to the same polarity. The printed paper needs a heating process to melt the toner before being sent out.

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About Laser Printer Magnetic Rollers

Toner is a powder mixture which composed by polypropylene resin, carbon powder, iron oxide, charge control agent, formed silica, and various minerals for triboelectrification. As one of the essential parts of the laser printer, laser printer magnetic rollers are utilized to transport toner to the drum rely on the attractive interaction between the magnet and iron oxide.

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