Magnetic Car Flags

Different kinds of ornament can be utilized to decorate vehicles to display owner’s personality. Most people may have seen car flag in the leaders’ meeting on TV, but car flag also can identify things or show individual character by common people. Car flag can be divided into clamping-type and magnetic-type according to its mounting principle. Even clamping-type has obviously cost price, magnetic-type is more popular due to conveniently mounted and dismounted, no scratches and the strong pull force. Most of magnetic car flags utilize rubber-coated pot magnet as its base to obtain strong-enough force, and thereby limit its fashion sense.

Magnetic car flags-1

New generation of magnetic car flags emerged under this background. With the similar aerodynamics appearance, new type car flag is often regarded as shark fin antenna. SDM accept customized pattern to help you create the exclusive car flag.

Magnetic car flags-2