Magnetic Clamping System Magnets

Magnetic clamping system use magnetic clamping system magnets to generate magnetic field on the plate, and switch function can be achieved via pole reversals of low-coercivity AlNiCo magnets. Magnetic clamping system can greatly improve the change-over time and has been widely used in different sectors of industry nowadays, such as injection molding, die casting, and machining. The magnetic module of the system includes AlNiCo magnets, Neodymium magnets, and copper coils. As we can see from below models that AlNiCo magnets will be wrapped by coil. The magnetic circuit is balanced within the plate during non-working condition, then polarity of AlNiCo magnets is reverse after the electric current is supplied, then generate strong clamping force on the surface of the plate. Clamping force can be permanently maintained unless demagnetizing current is supplied.

Magnetic clamping system magnets-1

Advantages of Magnetic Clamping System

  • Reduce downtimes, labor cost, and inventory cost to increase productivity.
  • Strong applicability and can be used on new and existing equipment, thus standard mold is not required.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Accurate and reliable system monitoring.
  • No energy consumption during working condition and no heat generation.
  • Quality of the product will be improved.
Magnetic clamping system magnets-2