Magnetic Door Catch

Magnetic door catch, also referenced as magnetic door stops, magnetic door latch, or door magnets, is a conventional and effective way of keeping doors held in place when it closed. Magnetic door latch is well adapting for almost all of applications where lightweight door is needed in order to stay closed and a mechanical latch is not suitable. Magnetic door stops can be composed of magnetic catch body and a striker plate. Magnetic catch body should be mounted on the cabinet, and the striker plate is installed on the door side. Door magnet is offered in various styles and configurations with pull force ranging from 1kg to 45kg.


Almost all magnetic door latches utilizes ferrite magnet not sintered Neodymium magnet which means there are no corrodible components in it. Therefore, it can last a long time even under the harshest conditions. Besides smart structure, magnetic circuit of magnetic door latch is also highly creditable. Magnetic door catches are essentially a sandwich magnet assemblySimulation results also indicate that its pull force will be significantly greater than regular pot magnet assemblies under relatively small air gap.