Magnetic Eyeglass Holders

In fact, both the use and the magnetic circuit of magnetic eyeglass holders are very similar to magnetic name badge, therefore, it can easily attach eyeglasses to regular clothing and your eyeglasses will always be with you.

Magnetic Eyeglass Holders-1

Placing the steel back-plate on the inside of clothing and front-plate to the outside, thus sintered Neodymium magnets will naturally attach. It should be noted that there is no pin is used.

Magnetic Eyeglass Holders-2

Considerations of Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

  1. Keeping away from children to avoid potential injury due to swallow.
  2. Persons with pacemakers or implant should not use magnetic eyeglass holders.
  3. Never allows your holder to go through washing or drying machine which may damage your clothes.