N52 Magnets

For N52 magnets, N52 is shorthand for sintered Neodymium magnet grade with an (BH)max value of 52MGOe. Many customers wrongly believe that overall performance of N52 grade are much better than other grades due to its high (BH)max value. It is obviously concluded that the attractive force or magnetic field strength yielded by N52 grade is much stronger than N35 magnets. That means devices using N52 grade would have much higher output performance compared with N35 grade or have smaller and lighter structure. (BH)max value alone could be not the sole factor in determining magnet’s grade. Besides (BH)max value, operating temperature range, geometry and other application information should also be considered when selecting the applicability of grade. N52 magnets are still one of the most expensive grades among sintered Neodymium magnet family, then its magnetic performance may exceed the required application specifications in considerable instances, and actually, lower grades will provide adequate magnetic performance with significantly lower cost.

Demagnetization Curve of N52 Magnets