NdFeB Cow Magnets

Part Name: NdFeB Cow Magnets

Magnet Material: Sintered Neodymium Magnets

Diameter: 12.7mm/0.50inch

Length: 76.2mm/3.00inch

Color: Silver

Unit Weight: 80g

Hardware disease is a common term for bovine traumatic reticloperitonitis. It is generally resulted from the ingestion of a sharp metallic objects and cow magnets can attract these harmful objects to protect cow’s stomach. Either shape or dimension of NdFeB cow magnets is exactly as AlNiCo cow magnets, and Neodymium magnets and pole piece are encased in stainless steel. Rounded ends will also prevent damage to the bovine rumen. Magnetic strength of Neodymium cow magnets is also much higher than the latter benefited from its internal magnetic circuit design.