Programmable Magnetized Magnets

General knowledge in most people’s mind regard to the permanent magnet is the attractive force and repulse force. Finite element analysis (FEA) results indicate that multi-pole magnetized magnets have stronger attractive force under the small air gap compared to the conventional magnetized magnets, and attractive force will also enhance with increasing pole number. Besides, the attractive force of multi-pole magnetized magnets decrease fast as the air gap increases, and conventional magnetized magnets exhibit strongest force under the large air gap. Meanwhile, unlike multi-pole magnetized magnets which can limit the flux leakage, conventional magnetized magnets usually generate higher flux leakage and thus produce the negative effect on nearby electronic devices in some applications.

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The multi-pole magnets can be realized through two ways. One way is placing several magnets with different magnetizing direction into the specific pattern. Another way is directly magnetizing magnet by multi-pole magnetizing yoke. Above FEA results already showed that optimum design for the attractive force application is different for different air gap range, but regular multi-pole magnetizing yoke cannot provide enough flexibility in the magnetizing process. Therefore, development of programmable magnetizing technology and relevant programmable magnetized magnets becomes very necessary.

What is Programmable Magnetizing?

Programmable magnetizing is software-controlled magnetizing technology which ensures precision control over the magnetic pattern, thus provide desirable force under a given gap and limit the flux leakage in the meanwhile.

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The “printing head” of creative Magnetic Printer is a pair of small magnetize, and it magnetizes the magnet point by point which like the process of printing a photograph by needle printer. The minimum magnetized area is around 1mm and printing process is totally controlled by computer programming. Programmable magnetized magnets are ideally suiting for the new product with the complicated magnetizing patterns due to its excellent flexibility.

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Most of the people believe that interactive force between two conventional magnets can be only attractive or repulsive and independent of the air gap, but the interactive force can be reversed with the air gap in certain magnetizing pattern obtained by programmable magnetizing process.

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Demo Kits of Programmable Magnetized Magnets

Latch Type Demo Kit

Two plastic integrated magnets are repelling each other under the certain distance, but repulse force will switch to the attractive force when two magnets are close enough to each other and then latch together.

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Spring Type Demo Kit

Two magnets are attracting each other from a specific distance, and attractive force will switch to repulse force as two magnets reach a defined air gap.

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Twist Release Type Demo Kit

The attractive force between two magnets is very strong in the latched position, and attractive force will switch to repulse force when rotated 90 degrees in either direction. The similar application is also to be found in the magnetic perfume cap.

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Spring-Latch Combo Type Demo Kit

Two magnets also have strong attractive force in the latched position, and they will transform to spring type when rotated 180 degrees.

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