Reusable Magnetic Name Tags

Product Information

Name badges are an instant introduction which exhibits a stranger who you are or where the department you work. Reusable magnetic name tags are intended to offer an extremely easy, strong, and secure solution of attaching your name badge to your clothing, eliminating holes or snags caused by repetitive use a conventional badge pin. Reusable magnetic name tags can work well with all types of fabrics and will keep your badge in place until you take it off.

  • L: 32.5mm
  • W : 12.5mm
  • H: 6mm
  • Colour, pattern, text, and font is all can be customized.

Instruments of Reusable Magnetic Name Tags

  1. Metal plate is firmly applied with durable adhesive onto the back of the metal plate. Peel off the protective liner of self-adhesive.
  2. Attach name tag to the metal plate.
  3. Holding magnetic plate inside clothing.
  4. Line up metal plate outside the clothing and two plates will attract to each other, then adjust position.

Instruments-Reusable Magnetic Name Tags