SmCo Micro Magnets

Either Neodymium magnets or Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets are manufactured by powder metallurgy technology, then both are belonging to hard and brittle material which well-known for their machining difficulty, especially SmCo magnets. As the first generation and the second generation rare earth permanent magnets, 1:5 type SmCo magnets are relatively easier to machine in comparison with 2:17 type SmCo magnets. Even SmCo magnets are always notorious for its machining difficulty, it still playing an irreplaceable role in many areas with its excellent high temperature magnetic performance and stability, therefore, the development SmCo tiny magnets become extremely essential and urgent. SmCo miniature magnets also can be served in the shape of SmCo micro ring magnets and SmCo micro disc magnets. SmCo miniature magnets are widely used to watches, sensors, medical apparatus, telecommunication devices, microelectromechanical system (MEMS), and many other applications. The most representative among these applications is watch movement rotor magnets and optical isolator magnets. Watch movement rotor magnets could be described as the origin of SmCo mini-sized magnets. Wrist watch accessories manufacturers have fully absorbed processing experience from crystal industry and became the earliest manufacturers of SmCo miniature magnets. SDM Magnetics is specialized in precision machining of thin-wall and slot-opening SmCo micro ring magnets.