Watch Movement Rotor Magnets

Different historical periods have their specific timer utility. The earliest astronomy timing was taken advantage of the sun or the moon to time, and then fluid is also utilized to time. As a modern invention, quartz watch has many advantages, include the simple structure, easy to assemble, strong endurance, shockproof, accurate timepieces, and cheap price. Micro Samarium Cobalt magnets have served as the watch movement rotor magnets for quartz watch for a long time.

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Working Principle of Quartz Watch

Quartz watch uses battery and quartz oscillate as its energy source and time base, respectively. Then take CMOS circuit as core and display time via hands or numbers. French physicist Pierre Curie discovered piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal in 1880 and laid the foundation for the invention of the quartz watch. For quartz watch, battery applies current to the microchip circuit and makes quartz crystal vibrate 32768 times per second. Microchip circuit thus detects oscillations and turns it into electric pulses, one per second. Electric pulse drive stepper motor to achieve conversation from electrical energy to mechanical power, then turn gears and gears further sweep hands around the face to keep time. Watch movement rotor magnets of quartz watch should be hard to demagnetize and has superior time stability, therefore, thus micro Samarium Cobalt magnets have long been considered as the best options.

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