A Brief Introduction to Magnetic Gun Mounts

Magnetic gun mounts, better known as gun magnets, are a kind of useful storage solution which can be served to mount weapon magnetically on every available hiding place, such as side panel of vehicle, bedside table, and safe box, then it allows users to keep weapon close during driving or sleeping, but still conveniently access it in the face of crisis and save life. There are numerous types of magnetic gun holders on the market, and these products vary in pull force, dimension, and appearance.

Main body of magnetic gun mounts is composed of the steel plate, plastic cover, and Neodymium magnets. Its pull force is undoubtedly determined by internal magnetic design. Many distributors claimed that their products are constructed with N52 Neodymium magnets which can hold weapons securely. N52 is shorthand for Neodymium magnets with (BH)max value of 52MGOe, and it was once the strongest commercial grade. Relative data indicate that pull force of magnetic gun mounts yielded by N52 grade is much stronger than N35 grade under different distance.

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Neodymium magnets are dominant in the cost of magnetic gun holders, and N52 grade remains one of the most expensive grades. In fact, magnetic design of the gun mounts is not limited to the magnet’s grade. The entire product cost can decrease through the optimization of internal magnetic circuit. SDM can assist reliable and economical magnetic solution to customer, and thus help them to achieve cost-reduction in mass-produced products and new design.

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There is no doubt that pull force will be steadily reduced with increasing distance between magnetic gun mounts and weapon. Beside consideration of lightweight and durable, plastic cover should have thin enough thickness to obtain sufficiently strong pull force.

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SDM is very concerned about pull force of gun magnets, and SDM can guarantee pull force 100% qualified.

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